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Painted Antique Dresser

We recently discovered Gendron Antiques in Stittsville - what a great store! They carry both antiques and reproductions. On many products the pricing is dual - what the item would cost unfinished versus refinished, leaving people who enjoy a proje...

Michael in Ottawa 8 Aug 16, 2010

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Install and supply artificial grass

We contacted AGL Grass in the early fall about leveling our yard, laying turf and for help with locating a contractor for laying paving stones. We were told with 1/2 down they'd order the grass and we'd have it two weeks later. After numerous emai...

K French from Mississauga 3 Apr 09, 2013


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Gone Country

Winning Category: Cabinetry & Millwork

After a few quotes from the big box and spacialised professionals, Robb was recomended us. When giving us a quote he listened to what we wanted. Quoated us a resonable price and timeframe for the...

Naren Garach from Guelph 1

Nov 21, 2013

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Best of '13 South Western Ontario

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