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Sectional Sofa


A review for La Vie Furniture

Jun 29, 2013, WOODBRIDGE

I bought a leather sectional sofa from the Vaughan location 3 years ago. I chose this store over others because they were able to customize the sectional to fit my living room perfectly. That being said, that is the only good thing I have to say about this company. 8 months after buying the couch, padding became so warped in 2 spots that whoever sat there would sink into the wooden frame. Honouring their 1 year warranty, they replaced my sofa as I requested for more foam padding inside to avoid this issue again. Fast forward 2 years, I'm having the exact same issues not to mention the "leather" is ripping and cracking everywhere with springs sticking out of the bottom as well. Extremely disappointed with the quality and will never buy from this company again.

Company Response:

This is Jason from Vaughan location. I was very sad to read this. First of all, we are able to custom made a couch without surcharge and when customer complains to us in warranty time, we honored our warranty. This should be considered very good in service and pricing. This customer only rates us for 2 of 10 which is very unfair to us. What else we can do better in turns of service ? and if you a merchant and between your suppliers and your customers, can you do better? Regarding the quality, I checked our service record and found acustomer matching the case and he lives in Wood bridge. His sectional couch was broken because of a party he had and his pets. He allows his kids jumping on the couch and allow pets to dig in the couch, then it is reason to cause the sectional damaged. After he complained to us, we sent our technician to his house and the technician reported back that this couch was abused heavily and it wasn't supposed to be coverd by our manufacture warranty but we stil decided to perform the repair service anyway to fulfill our service commitment. I won't be surpise that his couch will be further damaged after 3 years aggressive and uncareful usage. But when people write a review, he will never mention about this part. Another reason for the problem he mentioned is weight capacity. Due to its material and design, each couch has its weight limit. If there are 2 - 3 people whose total weight are more than 500 lbs sitting on the arm or one seat of the couch, it will cause foam padding gotten squeezed in that particular seat. This is what we consider abusing and unproper usage of a couch. Each seat weight capacity is 350 lbs. If you know there are more than 2 people will sit in one seat, you should let us know when you purchase the couch so we will use different density of foam to do support. One thing I hope everyone know here is we are a merchant between our customers and our suppliers. When problem happens, we will do our best to fix it and co-ordinate with the factory to satisfy our customer and this is why we have warranty system but we have no control about how people will use our couches. Even though the couch was damaged due to his misusing but he won't mention it in the review and this leave us a very unfair position. Here are another thing I want to bring to your attention. If you click his name and see the reviews he wrote for others, you will see all negative. All customer services from other companies are horrible. I guess he is a very negative person and he won't be easy to get satisfied. Like our case, even we honored our warranty and gave him good price for custom sectional sofa, we are still considered bad to him. But anyway, I guess everyone can say anything they want. All stories have two sides and I am very happy that I have a chance to explain our part. If you guys take a look our company's reviews in next 10 pages, at least one thing I guess you can find out is we do care about our reputation and our customer. Whenever people have problem with our product or service, we all performed reasonable care. We have 7 stores across Ontario and sold hundreds of orders every month in the past 6 years, 99% of customers are all happy with our products and services. There are always some people that can't be satisfied even we tried.

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Residential Alarm System


A review for Grand Alarms

Mar 29, 2012, WOODBRIDGE

Initially when booking with this company, I received a great rate along with very helpful assistance from Bav in their customer service department. This great impression slowly deteriorated after a year when they started to charge my bank account double the agreed upon monthly rate in order to make up for an administrative error on their part. After trying to contact Grand Alarms numerous times and leaving many messages on the hope that somebody "will get back to me", we came to a resolution but I am still waiting for it to be finalized! The installation set up was just ok - the technician came late (at night) and worked very slowly. He ended up sitting down at our kitchen table and even watched TV while working! Other than their mediocre customer service, the actual alarm monitoring is everything I could ask for. Anytime the alarm was set off by accident, I received a call promptly! Overall, I would not recommend this company on the sole basis of their customer service (or lack of)

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Regular House Cleaning


A review for Toronto Maid Service

Aug 19, 2011, WOODBRIDGE

I bought a 1-time house cleaning session for their promotional price of $99, seemed more than reasonable. I should have checked out the homestars reviews more thoroughly because there is another section for the same company "Toronto Maid Service" on this website with only one review - of course a "10". Nobody showed up for my first appointment with no notice. Booked my make up appointment more than a week later. Noticed on my credit card statement that I was double charged! Had to contact the company a couple times, but they did refund their error. Day of appt, 2 cleaners showed up 3 hours late and completed most of the tasks I left. Although they stayed for longer than the 3-hr session I bought (1.5hr x 2 workers)- the windows, sliding, door, appliances were not done. I'll admit that it was a lot of work though. OVERALL: - OK Cleaning (not cleaned as thoroughly as I'd have liked but decent considering the time designated) - HORRIBLE customer service or lack thereof (impossible to reach, always got answering machine) Would not recommend

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