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Restoration of exterior woodwork around varanda and balcony and concrete repair


A review for Goldwell Ltd

Jul 21, 2011, Milton

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about hiring Goldwell is that I liked Chris right away. He was very direct in describing what the finished product would look like and I felt I could trust him. And I must say, they did a fabulous job. The repaired concrete looks as if it's brand new. The restoration and paint job on the wooden railing structure was also very well done and combined with the concrete restoration, gives the front of our house a very clean and polished look. I will be looking to Goldwell for some interior work in the future as well. Also, Chris was helpful in offering tips and suggestions especially regarding some simple points for me to use to help maintain the finished product for many more years. Finally, the price was competitive with other contractors I had contacted.

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