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A review for Art Wave Intl.-Oil Paintings Framing & Mirrors

Jul 29, 2010, Burbank

From the outside this place appears like a friendly fine art gallery and warehouse. Once you’re inside, that’s when things start going downhill fast. I love art of all kinds, especially fine art oil paintings. So I was greatly disappointed when I was quickly bombarded by this super fast talking salesman name Michael. Art is something you have to take your time viewing to really appreciate. With their large selection of paintings, taking your time to enjoy them is a must! But this guy Michael, simple would not stop talking. Once I found an art piece that caught my eye, that’s when the extremely pushy sales pitch began. I mean this guy started writing up a sales slip before we even decide on a price. I should note that this place is extremely expensive. So if you want an inexpensive painting to simply hang on your wall, this is not the place for you, although they can be talked down a bit if you have the time and patience. I eventually purchase the painting after an hour of haggling with the owner over it’s worth. Bottom line, although I enjoy the painting, the process was far worst than having a root canal and going to a used car dealer in the same day! You decide!

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