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Garage storage deck


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Feb 01, 2013, Mississauga

For years we suffered from not being able to park both cars in our garage due to lack of space. Then after the car was broken into I heard about Garage Deckers from a friend. What a brilliant idea! Suspend a deck from the rafters of your garage. The garage decker was professionally installed, hassle free in less than a day. Now we use it to store tires, sports equipment, seasonal stuff and tools. We even had room to install a 6ft high shelving unit up there. Now the garage is clean and organized with plenty of room for both vehicles. You can't imagine what a relief it is not having a car outside exposed to thieves and the weather. Jim of Garage Deckers has been far and away the best of all the contractors that we have dealt with over the years. We can't recommend them or their product highly enough.

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