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Jacob Millet


A review for Mapleleaf Electric Inc

Apr 21, 2012, Toronto

I live in Montreal but I own 2 homes in Toronto which I rent out to tentants. I needed to upgrade & change one of my panel from fuse to breaker and from 60 to 100amp. I was recommended Alex from Mapleleaf Electric from a real estate agent which is a great friend of mine. I called him up, and he came the next day which was convenient for me and gave me a quote. I wanted Alex to do this work, because it was clear to me that he is very experienced and cared about my interests. He is very personable, professional and knowledgeable; three qualities that I find most important. Alex was absolutely meticulous and thorough, a real pro. Frankly, if you want the job done correctly with no hassles and to work with a tradesman who is true to his word, then look no further than Alex. If he’s more expensive, there’s a reason.

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