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Load Bearing Wall Removal


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Mar 13, 2012, BRAMPTON

Paul Richardson of PTR and his worker Jason did an amazing job in removing a Load Bearing wall in my home. I interviewed several carpenters and skilled tradesman before finding Paul of PTR on Homestars.com, everyone I interviewed prior to meeting Paul was either trying to leave in 2 Posts in place of my existing load bearing wall or I was told by almost anyone else that I had to leave at least 1 post to support the load of the upper level in my home... I had no desire to have a pillar/post remain in the area of the load bearing wall as the goal was to create an open concept space. When Paul came out to inspect the job at hand I was simply amazed by his instant confidence and approach to the job being presented to him. As it has been stated by many others, Paul has a very high level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise and most importantly experience!! Paul was the only person to come out to my home and look at task at hand, ensured that myself and my wife as the homeowners were taking the necessary steps to support the job I wanted done (obtaining Structural Engineer drawings, Return air re-location, water lines re-located etc..) Paul was able to work with the drawings my structural engineer drafted up and turn that dream my wife and I had of removing the eyesore load bearing wall in our home become a reality! From the start of the project to the finish of the project Paul and his worker Jason were completely professional, always on time, and very courteous and friendly throughout the entire time they were in my home. Very fast and efficient does not justify just how fast these guys from PTR work! Paul had originally quoted the job to take 3-4 Days...... by 11am on Day 2 my Load bearing wall was non existent! And if that wasn't amazing as it already was.... well before the end of day 2 my house was completely clean and tidy from any mess created during the wall removal as Paul and Jason had completely completed the removal and addition of a new support structure of my now non-existent load bearing wall! The guys were even kind enough to frame around the newly re-routed Air Return ducts in my dining room that needed to be re-routed as they were originally run through the load bearing wall to the upper level of our home. Paul did this for my wife and I with no extra charge on top of the amazing price and job he and Jason had just completed for us! I am very confident in the Load bearing wall removal and framing that Paul and Jason of PTR did in my home. My wife and I are extremely excited to see the end results after the drywall is finished being put up etc.. I will definitely be sharing the end results with Paul and crew from PTR. Paul takes pride in the work that he does and the quality of PTR's workmanship definitely shows. His pricing is unbeatable for the quality of work Paul and crew at PTR delivers! My wife and I will definitely be a returning customers for PTR, and I will only be recommending Paul and crew from PTR to friends and family for any applicable future projects! Thanks again Paul and Jason for all of your hard work! Travis & Natasha

Company Response:

Thanks guys. Your main floor is looking great, it was a good decision to remove the wall. Call me if I can be of further help. Paul.

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