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by melissa cassin in Toronto almost 3 years ago


> We are working on a brand new show, from the producers of quality real estate programs Property Virgins, Property Brothers and the Unsellables, is now in pre-production.
> We are looking for families, buying real estate for, or with their adult children. (Examples – Parents contributing to the purchase of their child’s first home or purchasing a condo for their child attending University; or aging parents moving in with adult children.)
> Each episode features a family, maneuvering through the drama and excitement of property purchase, with their unique family dynamic and the agent who guides them on their journey.
> We provide a television appearance fee of $2,000.00 for each family and $1,000 for the assisting agent.
> A time commitment of about 4 days is required and we will do our best to shoot over the course of 3 weekdays and 1 day on the weekend. The shooting schedule would not be determined until the participants are approved by the Producers and the Network and officially booked.
> The next step, is an informal telephone interview, followed by an audition, conducted in the participants’ home.
> Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.
[email protected]
416-504-7317 x117
> ______________________________
> Melissa Cassin, C.D.C.
> Debra Taylor
> Casting Department


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