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by Corey in North Toronto over 4 years ago

Well, since there is currently no means of cataloging no-show / egregiously late contractors, let’s start one right here! If we all keep to the same format, maybe it may be incorporated into reviews later.

Line 1: Name/link on Homestars (see formatting tips for how to make a link)
Line 2: No show or late? Call or no call?
Line 3: Max. 1-2 sentences describing the aftermath, if applicable.

It’s important to keep these listings short to maximize their searchability. Cheers!

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by Ashvin Goel in Toronto over 3 years ago

GTA Heating

No show, no call.

We had made an appointment with Christian to install some radiators in our basement (Dec 8, 2010). The day before the appointment, I called him twice, but he did not return my calls. On the day of the appointment, I called him again and he said that I should take the job elsewhere, without giving any other reasons. My wife called to clarify again, and he started shouting at her.



by over 3 years ago

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by S R in Oakville about 3 years ago

Just seconding Nicolette in Etobicoke’s experience with Braveheart in October . I, however , did get a response from Braveheart wife. But she seemed less interested in my project when i wanted to talk first about the nuts and bolts than the aesthetic of the design.She promised her husband would call but never heard from him. Ended up getting a wonderful contractor -also listed on Homestars best list who returned all my calls and did a fabulous project. I love homestars…but sometimes success gives birth to indifference and arrogance.


by Rick from Vancouver's Best Painters about 3 years ago

living in vancouver:

i am a painting contractor in vancouver and had a similiar thing happen…although it was the customer wanting to spend a ton of money and me not wanting them to.

owner of the house had a dog that severely scratched the front inside of both her massive double doors and insisted that both doors needed to be stripped entirely, re-stained then urathaned..

the price for the job would have been $7,000-$10,000 as these were the biggest doors i have ever seen in my life.

while standing at her front door thinking about what an excellent contract this would be and how awesome it would look on my website i asked her if she had any furniture oil and an old rag of any kind…she left for a minute and came back with a rag and some kind of lemon scented oil that her nanny occasionally puts on their antiques… i opened it, poured a bit on the rag then rubbed the oil into the 2000 scratches….and voila!….scratches were gone…still there but quite invisible…

i asked her how she then wanted to proceed…go with the $10,000 job still or settle for the one penny solution..

i really made her day and actually felt quite like my avatar over on the left there..



by FD in Markham about 3 years ago

Company: Just Clean It
Call: No call from them
I was so excited to have a spring cleaning done by Just Clean It because it had fabulous reviews on Homestars! To my utter disappointment I had a horrible experience and am glad that I did not have these negative and rude people come into my home. I had scheduled a spring cleaning appointment for this morning at 9:30am and at 9:55am I called to find out why nobody had arrived. I have been up and waiting since 7:30am with no noise in the house at all so I can hear everything. When I called, Michelle (I beleive the owner) without asking my name or who I was, immediately said that the cleaners had moved on to another house because I didn’t answer the door or the phone – impossible – there was no missed call on my phone and my neighbour who was outside all morning never saw anyone come to my door. I spoke in a calm voice to try and see whether they could come back since only 25 minutes had passed and they were scheduled for 3-4 hours. Michelle was shouting at me and hung up the phone twice! I kept calling her back as I believe that hanging up the phone on anyone is absolutely rude let alone to be doing it in customer service. She refused to reschedule and made comments such as “I’m not into this conversation”, “what do you want me to do?” “why do you keep calling me back” “this conversation is over”. At one point she was shouting “what do you want me to do about this, I’m not the cleaner, what do you want me to do about this?” I felt like I was dealing with a bratty teenager with a bad attitude. She offered no solution, no help and in the entire conversation didn’t even offer an apology to say maybe something got mixed up but let’s try to work this out. When I told her I was disappointed and that I would be leaving a poor rating on homestars she said she didn’t care because homestars only posts ratings from completed services. All in all this was a terrible experience and I would never recommend Just Clean It to anyone.


by Rumple in Bolton about 3 years ago

Branch Busters of Caledon. Not sure why they are in business. They do not provide any service. Called them to get some trees cut down and they never returned my numerous phone calls. Why do they advertise their business if they do not want to do any work? Just doesn’t make sense.


by HOTWIRE ELECTRIC 416-553-5533 about 3 years ago

I agree. We always strive to ensure we are at all appointments early not only on time but early. Its not fair to homeowners to waste their time. Contact Hotwire Electric 416-553-5533. We do amazing quality work. On time. on budget. and with superb customer service. You can email us day or night and be sure a reply will be sent within a couple of hours.


by Mississauga almost 3 years ago

10000$ to repair doors ……


by Riaz in North york almost 3 years ago

Premier Pool Group
NO SHOW: May 29 and then June 7

Lenni claims to have called my work number on the first Sunday, which was booked weeks in advance. Ignored my voicemails and then his box was full. Finally, days later, after e-mailing him he said e-mail was better and he’d have to resched for June 7. Had to arrange someone to be at the house on 7th. Morning of 7th, I e-mailed him and he responded quickly saying he was running late but would be there. E-mailed him a couple more times that day but never heard from him again. Looks like he’s done this to at least one other person as well. Missed a couple hot days in my pool because of him, and he wasted my time.


by Gabby in Riverdale almost 3 years ago

Hey HT,
I’m surprised to see your claim about getting back to customers within 2 hours, because I left your office a telephone message in January and never got a response. Fortunately, I was able to hire a fabulous company – check out my reviews.

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