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2376 Royal Windsor Dr Oakville , ON L6J 7Y2

Ontario Sod-Division of Greenhorizons Group of Farms Ltd

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Reviews for Ontario Sod-Division of Greenhorizons Group of Farms Ltd

Oct 01, 2011, Mississauga


The yard needed quite a bit of new soil to fill in some need spots in the garden and lawns, front and back. We bought a bag of topsoil from Ontario Sod a few years ago, and decided to buy two this time. We missed the early bird special price, but got a discount on the second bag. Customer service was fast and friendly. It took a few days for them to deliver the bags because they were so busy, but they dropped it off in the right spot ,the soil was nice and rich and the lawn and garden much better now. Next time I'll buy the soil in April when the bags are on sale.

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Jul 28, 2011, Etobicoke


Ongoing landscaping project for my home front, and expecially the backyard . I have ordered the 1 cubic yard bag of black top soil. It is rich and black. It looks like it has been screened a few times. It has no weeds in it or grub worms like other companies I have used in the past. Eight (8) big yellow clean bags ordered so far with a total of 55 rolls of beautiful Kentucky Blue Grass rolls for the yard. (2'x5') Exceptional outstanding quality for both the top soil and the grass. I am VERY pleased with the results. The delivery was within a few days of ordering. Payment was either a credit card or COD in the mailbox. You didn't have to be home. You would place an "X" or an empty bag from a previous soil order for where you wanted the forklift to drop off the new bag full of topsoil. My driveway stayed CLEAN ! One time I left the bag full of soil over the winter and used it in the spring. It was still so beautiful, dark and rich when I opened it. NEVER any lumps in it. Absolutely stunning when completed. I have ordered another few bags for the Civic Holiday weekend with another 15 rolls of grass. I have also ordered the same for my mom. The bag of black top soil cost me $157.07 and the Kentucky Blue grass is per roll and delivery charges for distance. I live in Etobicoke, so does my mother. Delivery +15 rolls is $146.00 Ladies the grass is "Gorgeous !" I am very pleased ! All the plants shrubs and trees around my home have quickly responded to the nutrients in the soil. Everything is SO LUSH ! I LOVE WHAT I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED ! Thank you SO much ! Virginia Wojcik Etobicoke, Ontario

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Apr 21, 2008, Mississauga


We had received their flyers and decided, with our neighbour, to order some sod bags, as needed for projects around the house. We decided to go with their darker soil for plant/shrubs beds, as opposed to grass resoding. The soil seems of great quality and we have already put it to use with some cedar bushes we have purchased, as well as flowers. The appointment was made very short notice, and they had delivery in our neighbourhood the same weekend. We didn't need to be home for the delivery, as a credit card or cheque in the mailbox suficed as payment. Great company to deal with and would do it again. Oh, and they will reimburse you $5 for returning your sod bag.

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