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73 Ward Rd Brampton , ON L6S6A8
Paul Cheung

Future Steel Buildings

Company Profile Do-it-youself steel buildings with full technical engineering support from start to finish

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Adam in Toronto 5 Mar 18, 2014

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Mar 19, 2013, Parham

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Update: I am pleased to say I received a satisfactory outcome to this problem. Thank you Future Buildings for making it right for me. Looked at ordering a building July 2012. Paid a $1,500 deposit and noticed on their order form I was missing the back of the page (done via email). Asked for it and received but the terms were unacceptable so I asked for more info. No response. I then receive the stamped drawings and I tried calling the company a couple of times but couldn't get through. They were to have shipped the building by the end of August 2012. I figured I was taken and had no recourse because the order form states the deposit is non-refundable because of the drawings. I get a call a couple of days ago (9 months later!) looking for the rest of their deposit. After some discussion, he tried to tell me they were to deliver the building this coming August - Aug 2013. In opinion they did not uphold their end of the agreement. I did ask for some of my deposit back but you guessed it, I'm still out of pocket. I would advise anyone thinking of dealing with Future Steel to read the warranty and purchase order very carefully.

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May 02, 2012, GATINEAU


Worst company ever. Send me parts too short, and now they want to charge me 380$ for one little piece. I didn't mind working 8 hours to fix their mistake...but they still want me to pay. They answer my email one every 4... and usually say that to contact someone elese in the company.... DON'T GET LURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 24, 2011, MISSISSAUGA


They sent me the wrong size 7 times end of story! Labour costs were unbelievable solving there mistakes I have almost a whole extra shed in my yard from mistaken pieces they shipped worst company ever! I order a 14 8 garage its came 15 8 first the 5 times of missing or wrong pieces than it finalys stands straight at 15 3 hanging 5 inches of my conrete pad and winters here and storeage fee for my stuff and labour and still a useless garage and no help

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Apr 06, 2010, Mississauga


Our ā€œSā€ model steel building is a real asset to our farm. It is surprising how much room there is inside ā€“ I can fit everything I wanted and more in this type of building. It was very easy to put up, after the first two panels things went very smooth. We had several people stop to watch who were impressed the way it was constructed and what it actually looked like from the rows of steel to the final building. We had so many comments on how nice this building turned out. Our rep was helpful and called me back when i left a message for him. I'd buy from them again.

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May 28, 2008, Grand Falls Windsor


I purchased a 35 X 80 X 18 Steel Structure. Advertising promised that it would be easy to assemble. Not true. Maybe for a smaller building, but, not this size. Good service. Not true as they were hard to get in contact with at times. Plans that would be easy to follow. Not true! It turned out we had the plans for the older inventory and these were not up to date. The blue prints, while stamped by an engineer were hard to follow. This caused a lot of lost time and not to mention money. Also, they claimed that the accessories such as insulation would be reasonable. Not true either! The building is up now, but, labour cost soared making it a much more expensive project than first thought. I think once the insulation (Future Steel's insulation kit price is also very high) is in I will be happy with it, and it appears that I will have a sound building, but, my recommendation to fellow builders and what I will be doing on another project planned for later this year is; build with wood or find another company supplying similar products that are willing to support you with the project with plans that are easy to follow. I think you will have less headaches. If you have to deal with them, be careful and get everything up front in writing.

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Jan 19, 2007, Toronto


The buildings made by Future Steel Buildings are excellent, but the service left much to desire. Initially, the product was sold to us by their salesperson at a reduced rate; but by delivery time the salesperson was gone, so Future Building tried to nickel and dime us on the materials, by substituting a lesser quality material than the kind we'd originally ordered. We tried to address the problem with them, but we didn't get results until we cc'd Consumer and Corporate Affairs with our complaint letter.

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