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bathroom renovaiton

Hired 1-call for bathroom renovation about 5 months ago. I was very pleased with the outcome. The renovation was completed on time without any issues and the quality of work is excellent. Will hire again.

shastia from North Vancouver 1 Dec 02, 2013

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Sterns and Foster "The Plaze" Mattress

I purchased a $5k Sterns and Foster mattress from Sleep Country. After only 2-3 months of use the mattress was lumpy and so uncomfortable that my fiance and I were sleeping in the guest room. Sleep Country "tested" the bed and determined it was ...

Mark479 1 Jun 21, 2009


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West Coast Gardens

Winning Category: Garden Centres

I love West Coast Gardens. My mom and I have been going for many years. Their gift section is great, always changing! We will be buying our poinsettias from them as they are so healthy. It's ou...

Sandy from White Rock 1

Nov 10, 2013

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