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Repaint my bathroom

When Hans saw my bathroom which I had painted in a classical creamy beige, he suggested to give it more character and personalize it by painting a Swedish Faux Finish technique. I agreed to it. Hans' work was fantastic to say the least! In a minim...

Theresa Tavernier in North vancouver 1 Mar 02, 2011

Avoid the Worst

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I have contacted Peter because someone I know said he was reliable. When he got to the condo I was living in he was very rude to the security that works there but I thought that was it. He kept criticizing the way I packed my stuff but because I h...

Cristina from Etobicoke 2 Apr 16, 2013


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ReStore - Habitat for Humanity - Vancouver

Winning Category: Bathroom & Kitchen - Fixtures & Accessories

I love browsing through the ReStore. We have bought a vanity and sink, a spray painter, various lighting fixtures, tiles, a faucet and list goes on. We have always been pleased with what we have pu...

Vivian 8

Feb 20, 2014

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